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We are the leading solar provider in the nation whose goal is to empower every homeowner — one panel at a time.

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We treat our team and clients as our most valuable assets. Our dedication to service has made us the most trusted solar provider in the country.

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accessible energy.

Although solar energy is widely accessible, there is a common misconception that it is only a luxury for homeowners or those with disposable income.

However, Flashpoint is dedicated to breaking this misconception. With a strong commitment to making the benefits of solar available, they have expanded their reach to 30 states and continue to increase that number regularly. As a result of the strategic partnerships formed, we are able to provide flexibility and affordability in a number of different lease and ownership options.

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Our guarantee is the best in the industry. We are the only solar panel installation company that 100% guarantees the amount of energy that your solar power system produces.

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